Power Quality UPS Systems

The innovative Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems from Precise Power offer significant advantages over other UPS systems.

  • No batteries
  • No special HVAC requirements
  • No Hazardous Materials disposal issues
  • Ultimate isolation from utility power
  • Rapid Recovery Time (5 sec. interruption, 10 sec. recovery)
  • Conditioned power
  • Constant frequency and regulated voltage
  • Minimal, low cost maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Pre-wired for easy installation
  • Less than half the start up current of conventional motors required



Protect equipment and prevent shutdown

RMGThe Roesel Motor-Generator combines the unparalleled efficiency of a Written-Pole® motor with the continuous power conditioning of a Written-Pole® generator through a shared external high-inertia rotor. On utility power, the motor drives the generator mechanically. The electrically isolated generator delivers continuous, clean regenerated power. During ride-through, inertial energy drives the generator, which delivers constant frequency and regulated voltage — typically 12 seconds at full load. The RMG® safely powers you through interrupts, surges and sags — without batteries.

Ensure that your must-run systems never lose power

rmgix140The RMG-i™ integrates our Roesel Motor-Generator with a back-up engine. The engine starts using RMG® inertia at a preset speed decrease after the input power failure. This allows the RMG® to continue providing clean, conditioned power to critical system loads for hours, days and even weeks. The RMG-i™ keeps you from having to put up with the expensive maintenance, environmental hazards, short duty cycles and questionable reliability of battery UPS systems.