A Powerful Company

Power quality is the problem. Precise Power is the solution. No other company can deliver such innovative and effective solutions to the reality of power sags, surges, interrupts and failures. That’s because no technology produces more efficient motors and generators or provides better consistent, clean, conditioned power than Written-Pole® technology. And Written-Pole® technology was developed and patented by Precise Power. It’s a technological advancement that’s been recognized as revolutionary and has received countless awards. Precise Power has over 20 years of experience in solving power quality problems in the premium circuit market.

If you need reliable power, you need a powerful company!

About Precise Power Corporation (PPC)

PPC – located in Bradenton, Florida, has been in business since 1972 and has developed and marketed unique proprietary electric machines. These patented products offer significant cost and performance advantages over conventional technology. PPC owns the exclusive worldwide rights and license to patents that cover the Written-Pole® Technology. PPC is a privately held corporation.

PPC has established an excellent reputation as a provider of very high quality products for customers who require the highest power quality for sensitive electronic loads. The Roesel Motor-Generator (RMG®) provides the ultimate isolation between line and load, uninterruptible power with no batteries required, and makes very effective use of flywheel energy storage.

PPC has collaborated with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to develop the world’s largest horsepower, single-phase Written-Pole® motor. R&D Magazine recognized and awarded this motor as one of the most significant technological developments in 1994 and it has become an important product in applications worldwide.

The RMG-i™, a 3-phase motor generator coupled with an integral engine, provides customers with uninterruptible power for periods of hours, days, or weeks, and is particularly useful in remote rural areas.

PPC won the Governor’s New Product Award for 1996, surpassing nine other entries to win the medium company category award for a product with significant benefits for rural areas and developing countries, as well as bringing significant economic benefit to Florida.

PPC has also received recognition for this unique technology from the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1997 for its innovative use of engineering principles and materials, and its overall benefit to society.

In 1999 and 2000, PPC was recognized by the state of Florida as a “Fast 50” technology company.

In January 2001, PPC was selected by Gov. Bush as a “Florida 100” company for its contributions to technology and the Florida economy.

In September 2001, PPC’s 75-horsepower single-phase motor was selected as finalist for the new product of the year by Plant Engineering Magazine.

PPC headquarters are located in Palmetto, Florida and include facilities for R&D, production, marketing, sales, customer support and engineering.

Our Mission Statement

Precise Power’s mission is to be a leading provider of innovative power quality solutions in the premium circuit markets. Our mission can only be accomplished by providing our customers quality products manufactured, serviced and sold by highly trained and motivated employees and management.

Officer Information

Chief Technical Officer, John F. Roesel Jr.:
John Roesel is the founder of Precise Power Corporation and the inventor of Written-Pole® technology. Roesel is recognized as a leading expert on electric machine technology. Roesel is long-time member of the EPRI Steering Committee on Motors and Drives and a former senior research engineer with Westinghouse Electric’s new products group. Roesel also has held senior positions with Schlumberger and Sea Technology. Roesel received his B.E.E. from Georgia Tech and has received over 40 patents. Roesel is responsible for management of R&D and long-term technology direction of Precise Power.

President, Ronn Barber:
Ronn Barber has been with Precise Power since its founding in November of 1971. He has extensive background in magnetic circuitry and electronic controls. He has been responsible for electrical engineering R & D and electronic controls design. He also has served as a director of PPC for 25 years and holds several U.S. and foreign patents on Written Pole™ technology. For seven years he was a professor in the Florida Community College system. He came to PPC after serving as an officer in the Army and Army National Guard. Mr. Barber holds a BEE degree from Auburn University.